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peperoni, students from Bucky's Butchery photo courtesy UWMadisonCALS
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Animal Science and Dairy Science 101 Introduction to Animal Sciences Credit by Exam

Students wishing to earn credit for Introduction to Animal Sciences must preregister for the exam by contacting Ms. Kathy Monson at kamonson@wisc.edu (608-263-5225) by August 22, 2017. The exam will be held August 29, 2017 at 10 AM in 209 Animal Sciences building, 1675 Observatory Drive. Students should bring pencils and a calculator with them. Cell phones must be put away and may not be used as calculators.
Questions regarding administration of this exam should be directed to Ms. Kathy Monson or Professor Dan Schaefer, dmschaef@wisc.edu (608-263-4513).

Full description of the testing procedure

Congratulations 2017 CALS Award recipients

top left:Sundaram Gunasekaran,Guilherme Rosa-Excellence in International Activities; top right: Dean Kate VandenBosch, Michel Wattiaux(dairy Science) Ellen Mauer- Arthur J Maurer Extra Mile Award; University Staff Awards - bottom right: Dean Kate and Cathy Rook,Dairy Science; bottom left - Laura Trumble and Dean KateCongratulations to Guilherme Rosa (Animal Sciences) for receiving the Excellence in International Activities Award: Michel Wattiaux (Dairy Science) for receiving the Arthur J. Maurer Extra Mile Award; Laura Trumble (Animal Sciences) and Cathy Rook (Dairy Science) for winning University Staff Awards.

The awards were presented at the 2017 College of Agricultural & Life Sciences Awards Presentation on May 3.

Congratulations to our Crazylegs Team

Noelle Cockett

The 37th annual Crazylegs Classic was held Saturday, April 29, and they ran the WHOLE way and survived!

Front row (L to R): Tiago Passafaro, Hasan Khatib, Tasha Lett, Kathy Monson, Yalda Zare, Michele Myers Back row (L to R): Fernando Brito Lopes, Karina Skov, Beth Lett, Rawi Khatib, Leland Hyman, Nicole Gross, Steve Myers, Jorge De Los Santos, Arthur Fernandes, Emhimad Abdalla

Rebecca Blank and Kimberley LawKimberley Law

Kimberley Law from the Department of Animal Sciences was awarded the Wisconsin Hilldale Undergraduate Research Fellowship on May 1, 2017. Her research proposal is “Identification and Characterization of Pivotal PUF Proteins in C. Elegans Stem Cells” under the supervision of Dr. Judith Kimble.

Vanessa Soendjaja, Charles Connolly, and Kory Anderson2017 WAMP Convention and Dennis R Buege Meat Science Scholarship Awards

On March 31-April 2, 2017, the Wisconsin Association of Meat Processors held their annual convention at the Madison Marriot West in Middleton, WI. This convention serves as an opportunity for Wisconsin meat processors to network with one another, interact with meat processing equipment & material suppliers, attend educational sessions discussing an array of meat-related topics, and enter their own products into the statewide meat product competition. Over 1000 products where entered to compete in 36 different product categories including ham, bacon, bratwurst, specialty cured meats, and snack sausages to name a few. The WAMP meat product competition is one of the largest of its kind in the United States. Results

WAMP awarded Dr. Jeff Sindelar the Meritorious Service Award for his oversight and contributions to the WI Association of Meat Processors. Three UW-Madison undergraduate students received the Dennis R. Buege Meat Science Scholarship award: (above, r-l) Vanessa Soendjaja (Food Science), Charles Connolly (Microbiology) and Kory Anderson (Food Science). Bios

meat trailerWI Meat Hall of Fame Inductees announced

On May 4, 2017, the Wisconsin Meat Industry Hall of Fame will induct three new honorees. They are Phil Hinderaker, Philip Jones, and Donald MacFarlane.

As you know, the Wisconsin Meat Industry Hall of Fame was established to recognize the contributions of individuals who have positively impacted the meat industry of Wisconsin. Not only does the Hall of Fame recognize significant individual contributions, but it also provides historical documentation of the leaders and innovators who have contributed to a strong and vibrant meat industry in the state. More than 80 individuals have been inducted into the Hall of Fame since its initiation in 1993.

We invite you to attend the induction ceremony and luncheon on May 4, 2017 at the Sheraton Madison Hotel, Madison, WI.

meat trailerCredit by exam for Animal Science/Dairy Science 101
The University of Wisconsin-Madison has approved a credit-by-exam college course option for high school students for their Animal Science/Dairy Science 101 course. Students who have been admitted to the University of Wisconsin - Madison are eligible to take a placement test prior to matriculation. With a passing score on the exam and written lab practicum, students are able to receive course credit for Animal Science 101 and begin higher level courses in the major as an incoming freshman. More info

Recent publications:

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