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Our mission is to lead and foster scientific discoveries in animal agriculture and biology, inspire original thinking and the art of discovery through innovative education and service, thereby enriching the lives of students, scientists, and society.
peperoni, students from Bucky's Butchery photo courtesy UWMadisonCALS
lambs at arlington, photo courtesy UWMadisonCALS
CALS day for kids, photo courtesy UWMadisonCALS
Dan Schaefer advising incoming freshman, photo courtesy UWMadisonCALS

Animal Sciences Prospectives in Research (Tuesday 11 am, room 274)

Tannins and Gut Health
Dr Jess Reed, Department of Animal Sciences
April 14
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Cassie Isaac
Hometown: Rosedale, WI
High School: Laconia High School
Carrie Issac
Why did you decide on UW Madison and/or the Animal Sciences major?
I decided on UW-Madison and my Animal Sciences major because I am interested in small animal veterinary medicine, and have a passionate love for animals. Since the School of Veterinary Medicine here at UW-Madison is my dream school, I decided to go here for my undergrad as well so I could be a part of all of the excellent opportunities this campus has to offer involving animals and veterinary science.
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Hasan KhatibKhatib lab's leads international animal genome project
In January 2014, a workshop was convened by the Animal Biotechnology Working Group of the EU-US Biotechnology Research Task Force in San Diego, CA, USA. During this workshop, and in subsequent discussions, basic principles were laid out to establish the FAANG (the Functional Annotation of Animal Genomes) Consortium and to outline plans for a FAANG project to produce comprehensive maps of functional elements in the genomes of domesticated animal species. link to paper

Arlington sheep2015 WI Meat Industry Hall of Fame inductees
The Inductees with outstanding lifetime contributions to the meat business will be inducted into the Wisconsin Meat Industry Hall of Fame at a recognition ceremony on May 7. They include Clinton Gronau, an entrepreneur who developed a novel smokehouse system; Patrick J. Luby, a respected meat marketing authority; and Robert D. Nueske, who led the successful expansion of his family’s award-winning meat business.

Teyanna LoetherTeyanna Loether 2015 Alice in Dairyland Finalist
Teyanna (Marx) Loether, AS BS '13 is a UW AS MS student where she is currently researching the effects of heat stress on the fertility of boars in Wisconsin’s swine industry. Serving as the 68th Alice in Dairyland would be a dream come true for Loether, for she has made it her lifelong goal to communicate with the public about the positive impacts of agriculture.

The 67th Alice, Zoey Brooks UW AS '14, will be in Manitowoc County, your host for the 68th Alice in Dairyland Finals - May 7,8 and 9, 2015.

NEW Fall 2015 Course!
Pic from Drovers CattleNetwork 12/15/13 Angus cattle at feedbunkINTRODUCTION TO AQUACULTURE
Fish farming is the fastest growing sector of animal agriculture. Over half of the world’s food fish are now farm raised, and over 200 species are commercially produced. The focus of this introductory, 2-credit course will be to teach students key concepts of fish aquaculture, with an emphasis on freshwater species.
Animal Sciences 375-002 (2 Credits)
3:30 – 4:20 pm MW
209 Animal Sciences
Instructor: Terence P. Barry

Recent publications:

Coordinated international action to accelerate genome-to-phenome with FAANG, the Functional Annotation of Animal Genomes projectThe FAANG Consortium, L Andersson1, AL Archibald, CD Bottema, R Brauning, SC Burgess, DW Burt, E Casas, HH Cheng, L Clarke, C Couldrey, BP Dalrymple11, CG Elsik, S Foissac, E Giuffra, MA Groenen, BJ Hayes, LS Huang, H Khatib, JW Kijas, H Kim, JK Lunney, FM McCarthy, JC McEwan, S Moore, B Nanduri, C Notredame, Y Palti, GS Plastow, JM Reecy, GaA Rohrer, ESarropoulou, CJ Schmidt, JSilverstein, RL Tellam, M Tixier-Boichard, GTosser-Klopp, CK Tuggle3, J Vilkki, SN White, S Zhao and H Zhou. Genome Biology (2015) 16:57

Assessment of bagging GBLUP for whole-genome prediction of broiler chicken traits. Abdollahi-Arpanahi R, Morota G, Valente BD, Kranis A, Rosa GJ, Gianola D. J Anim Breed Genet. 2015 Mar 1.

Using multiple regression, Bayesian networks and artificial neural networks for prediction of total egg production in European quails based on earlier expressed phenotypes.Felipe VP, Silva MA, Valente BD, Rosa GJ.Poult Sci. 2015 Feb 22.

Maternal nutrition during pregnancy is associated with differential expression of imprinted genes and DNA methyltranfereases in muscle of beef cattle offspring. Wang X, Lan X, Radunz AE, Khatib H.J Anim Sci. 2015 Jan;93(1):35-40.

Myoglobin and haemoglobin-mediated lipid oxidation in washed muscle: observations on crosslinking, ferryl formation, porphyrin degradation, and haemin loss rate. Lee SK, Tatiyaborworntham N, Grunwald EW, Richards MP. 2015 Food Chem. 167:258-63.