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Goodbye Robby!

Robby Weyker farewell party July 25, 2018 Robby Weyker's last day at the Meat Lab was Thursday, July 26. Robby is off to big adventures at Kerry Ingredients and will be missed by all his colleagues.

Morgan Larson is the Assistant Meat Lab Manager. Morgan, a Senior in Dairy Sci, has worked with Robby in the Meat Lab for 3 yrs. She will supervise the student staff in the Meat Lab, maintain meat processing operations, and work with Jeff Sindelar and Dan Schaefer to maintain regulatory compliance and interact with extramural and intramural users of the Meat Lab. Morgan is enthused to assume these responsibilities and we are pleased to have her in this position. She can be reached at 262-1793 or mlarson22@wisc.edu

Mickelson defends Meat Science thesis

Maggie Mickelson successfully defended her M.S. thesis on Friday, June 8th. Her thesis addressed: “Carcass chilling method effects on color and tenderness of bison, lamb, and sow meat.” Her committee was comprised of: Dr. James Claus (major advisor), Dr. Mark Richards, Dr. Dan Schaefer, and Dr. Kurt Vogel. The bison project was implemented in a commercial plant in Colorado. For the lamb portion of her thesis research she traveled to the University of Melbourne to work with Dr. Robyn Warner. The sow portion was conducted in the meat lab at UW-Madison.

Mini-documentary on genetically-engineered pig disease models released

Wisconsin minature swine A mini-documentary of Dhanu’s research program’s work in creating genetically-engineered pigs to study Neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) was released worldwide yesterday by the filmmaker on social media and other distribution networks.

New Room Scheduling Calendar

booked calendar

The room reservation system has changed to Booked. Making Stock Pavilion reservations will remain the same although you will need to use the new system to view current reservations. Please contact Contact Kathy Monson for more information

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