UW department of animal sciences

Animal Science 361, Spring 2014

Animal Cloning and Genetic Engineering: A Global Perspective (March 26, 2014)

Dr BagnatoDr Wang

Dr Alessandro Bagnato, University of Milan, Italy
Dr Xin Wang, Northwest Agricultural & Forestry University, Xi'an China

With widespread development of practical biotechnologies in animal agriculture, society is faced with detemining when and how it should be used. The question of fact versus perception is explored through the lens of science, culture, economics and politics as Dr Bagnato and Dr Wang describe how two different geopolitical areas, EU and China, are grappling with the use of biotechnologies in agriculture. This lively discussion is mediated by Dr Hassan Khatib who brings an international perspective to the American understanding of agricultural biotechnology. This classroom discussion was funded by University of Wisconsin - Madison, College of Agricultural & Life Sciences, International Programs.

- Reading: Animal Biotechnology: scientific, regulatory and public acceptance issues associated with cloned and genetically engineered animals

- Podcast Transcript