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Welcome to the Biological & Biomaterials Preparation, Imaging, and Characterization(BBPIC) facility at the University of Wisconsin - Madison

Colored Mycobacterium avium Scanning Electron Micrograph

Psuedo-colored Scanning Electron
Micrograph of Mycobacterium avium

Information on our microscopes and services may be found here. We do service work as well as training in microscopy and preparation methods for members of the UW campus, and for off-campus and industry clients. A brief history and laboratory summary is located here.

Note: It is generally a good idea to make an appointment with either Fikrullah Kisa or Ralph Albrecht to discuss any microscopy projects before starting. There are many different methods of preparing samples for microscopical studies and many different microscopy methods, and the choice of which to use is highly dependent on both the samples and the questions to be answered.

Links to microscopy resources available on the UW-Madison campus and at other institutions are also on these pages.