Animal Sciences

Department Chair Tom Crenshaw Oversight of Animal Sciences department 263-4423
Department Administrator
Shelia Pink

Administration of budget and financial; Human Resources contact for payroll, benefits; policy and procedure on academic, instructional and outreach functions 263-4514
Payroll Specialist
Deb Schneider
Payroll and benefits, expense report management 263-4300
Financial Specialists Michele Myers Account management, student payroll 262-1244

Dianne Raschka
(T,R alternate F)

Account management; expense report approval, travel arrangements 263-4301
Information Technology

Steve Switzer

System administrator, IT security, Dept email 262-6005

Minh Ngo

Desktop support,ordering electronics & software, software installation, large format printing, remote computing, imaging, and digital storage 263-4302
Student Services
Kathy Monson
Coordinate everything related to academic programs - undergrad, graduate
Administrative Program Specialist
Joan Parrish
PreAward, budgets & grant submission; Research contracts & fee for service agreements, graphics and communication, electronic educational material production 263-7761

Meat Science & Muscle Biology laboratory

Director Dr Daniel Schaefer Oversight of Meat Science & Muscle Biology program, building manager 263-4513