Committees: 2016-17

Executive Committee: Hasan Khatib (acting chair 1), Jim Claus (acting chair 2), all tenured professors
Faculty Issues:  
Undergraduate: Dan Schaefer (chair), Jim Claus, Ron Kean, Rick Monson, Christine Nieman, Kathy Monson
Graduate: Ralph Albrecht (chair), Dan Gianola, Hassan Khatib, John Parrish,Vera Ferreira, Kathy Monson
Extension: Dave Thomas(chair), All extension faculty/ academic staff
Poultry Science Center of Excellence: Mark Richards (local coordinator)
Mentor Committees:
Dhanansayan Shanmuganayagam- Khatib, Cook, Richards, Schaefer
Internal Review Committee: John Parrish, Mark Richards
Capital Equipment: Brian Kirkpatrick (chair), Guilherme Rosa, Mark Richards, Shelia Pink
Nomination: Dave Thomas (chair), Hasan Khatib, Terry Jobsis, Ron Russell, Shelia Pink
Financial Reserves: Mark Cook (chair), Jim Claus, Guilherme Rosa
IT and Departmental Marketing Guilherme Rosa (chair), Liv Sandberg, Ron Russell, Robby Weyker, Weijing Tang, Joan Parrish, Steve Switzer
Animal Operations: Tom Crenshaw(chair), Faculty Supervisors of Animal Units, Managers of Animal Units, Mariola Grez, Dianne Raschka
Lectures & Dept Seminars: Brian Kirkpatrick (chair), Jess Reed, Dan Gianola, Nicole Gross
Academic Quadrathlon:: Terry Jobsis, John Parrish, Jodi Berndtson
Poultry Science Club Advisor: Ron Kean
Saddle and Sirloin Club Advisors: Terry Jobsis, Ron Russell
Pre-Vet Club Advisor: Mark Cook
Sexual Harassment: Liv Sandberg
Safety Officer Deb Schneider
Faculty Senator 1 and Alt: Hasan Khatib(term expires May 2017) alter. Dhanu Shanmuganayagam
Faculty Senator 2 and Alt: John Parrish (term expires May 2017) alter. Dan Schaefer