Our Mission: Leading animal sciences beyond the 21st century

The Mission of the Animal Sciences Department is to foster scientific discoveries in animal agriculture and biology, inspire original thinking and the art of discovery through innovative education and service, therby enriching the lives of students, scientists, and society

To fulfill its mission, the department must:

    • • Discover novel basic and applied knowledge about animal: health, nutrition, genetics, physiology, products, and humane management practices
  • • Disseminate knowledge about the many facets of animal agriculture and biology through undergraduate and graduate education and through cooperative extension programs
  • • Prepare young scientists for careers in global animal industries, graduate study or professional degrees including veterinary and human medicine
  • • Develop translational models for the study of animal and human health, and for the discovery of new preventive and therapeutic strategies against diseases  
  • • Combine knowledge in areas of animal genetics, nutrition, biology, reproduction and meat and muscle biology to produce safe and affordable animal products of high quality and reduced environmental impact
  • • Invent new tools, products and solutions to solve complex problems in animal agriculture and biology